Welcome to RC Paramotor. We are a specialist in stocking quality German RC Paraglider,RC paramodels,Para RC, RC trikes & RC Paramotor kits & RC indoor paramotors. Our products look & fly like the real thing! If you are building a homebuild kit, then this is the place to buy all of your sparepart to make your own models.

We have extensive knowledge, about the product, and are always happy to speak about our product. Feel free to call us at +44-07767446250.


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Our Latest Product!

Our New fun Indoor Para Rc models


We will be away from the 15th September and will be returning back in mid-November. If you want to order any kits or parts, please do so before we go. Thanks.







We are also the UK's Official Importer for Fresh Breeze 
Paramotors & Trikes!
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 Our New Nyos Hybrid Wing. Now in stock!.
Have fun with our Free wing..
A great review from rcgroups.com on our Nexus Wing.
 Our new XXL trike with the Flair 4.5m wing!






 We have just launched the new 4.5m wing, and now we have the harness and cage to accompany it with all of the other accessories. This large scale product is designed for 1/3 scale flying and will carry a payload of up to 8kgs!

Here are our 3 harnesses we sell. The XXL  Evo harness, The Evo harness and the standard harness. 








Our new Free V2 wing are arriving this week. This model is fitted with our new Evo harness and the choice of  one of our colour cages.



A cheap solution for a pilots. We bought this pilot from a Pound shop in the UK. The set up works well with the Free V2 wing..


THe XXL Trike with the Cosmic Hybrid wing.

The pilot is a special custom pilot from Tailor Pilots.