Brake Line Attachment

Brake line attachment

The brake lines , and control lines called, are the coarse adjustment with a loop at the fists of the pilot doll "Robin fixed ". The control line between the thumb and index finger through and fasten with a loop. As the length of the brake lines properly is set, can be found at Bremleineneinstellung .

Another way to attach the brake lines on the thumb! 
With a little bit into the fists are the 
Robin three small holes drilled at approximately 1 mm. Through these holes can now be threaded the brake line in the "zigzag". If the brake lines permanently, you just go through several times in the bottom hole.

Tip: The end of the brake line can be cured with a drop of superglue. Thus, the Kevlar line can easily thread through the holes.

Löcher in Hand Bremsleinenbefestigung
Drill with a 1mm drill three holes into the fists of Robin.


steuerleinenführung 1 Bremsleinenbefestigung
The control line in the "zigzag" looping.

durchschlaufen Bremsleinenbefestigung
To finally fix the steering line several times thread through the bottom hole.