Ground Take Off with Trike


Ground starts with the RC-BulliX motor trike

With the RC-BulliX motor trike can be very good ground-offs carried out by different slopes. It can be started from asphalt, grass, slopes, grass strips, clay, gravel roads, as long as it reasonably flat. Important is that the motor trike in the middle of the RC Paraglider Stunt3.0 stands. The lines are almost stretched. The risers are facing up and not allowed to be twisted. It starts against the wind . Just quickly on the gas and thescreen rises above the trike. By controlling movements of the arms is the shield held centrally on the trike - now minimal inner drum so that the model takes off. The screen keeps it clean on the trike by gently countersteering to prevent the screen from breaking.Bodenstarts 590x392 Bodenstarts mit dem RC Bullix Motortrike

SDC11092 590x442 Bodenstarts mit dem RC Bullix Motortrike

Check out the video. Takeoffs are very easy with the right attitude. It is smooth on all surfaces and closely mown grass strips can be started.