Hand Launching

How to hand Launch

The wing must be set correctly (See Bremleineneinstellung). The brake line length, the angle of the wing and the whole basic setup to fit. Likewise with a surface plane also. The shield must be designed to clean a horseshoe against the wind on the ground. The pilot is located in the center of the glider, the pilot doll / trike holds also in the middle. With a strong pulse train in the direction of flight takes you to the wing a nice bow on top, runs a few steps on the gas and opens the wing. Now you should first gain some height and then begin with the curves. At the start is very important to being walked always just beneath the screen center is running, since the wing breaks otherwise to one side. If the shield break, for example, when walking to the right, then you have to run with the pilot figure and to the right under the wing so that it is clean again by the pilot figure. Left opposed accordingly.

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