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Para-RC backpack set XXL

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Brand: Hacker


Para-RC backpack set XXL

Product description and features

The backpack motor is the most commonly installed flight system. That's why we offer you these flying systems as ready-made sets for you. This set comes without a pilot's dummy, the servos find their sheltered place inside the harness. Every pilot's doll can be fixed in a scale of 1:3 in the harness. There is plenty of room inside the harness for the battery and the RC system. Two zippers make access to the battery and weight compartment very easy.

The Para-RC backpack set XXL is perfectly suited for the backpack motorcycling and specially developed for it. High-quality products from Hacker Motor GmbH are part of the set. It leaves nothing to be desired.

The XXL backpack fits perfectly with our RC-Flair 4.5 and the RC-Nexus in our shop. Of course, the backpack set XXL also fits to other paraglider from about 3m².

Delivery contents

  • A50-16S V4
  • Speed controller Jeti MasterSpin 80 Pro
  • 1x APC Thin Electric 16x8 E Prop
  • 2x Servo Savöx SV-1270TG
  • Para-RC metal seat XXL
  • Para-RC harness XXL
  • Para-RC CFK arm XXL (set of 2)
  • Para-RC Mix (Para RC Mixer)
  • Para-RC Prop-Cage XXL (Metal)
  • Para-RC bracket XXL for backpack motor
  • Para-RC shackle 5mm (set of 2)
  • Screw set
  • User manual backpack set XXL

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