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Para-RC glider RC-FREE V2 in green/black/white

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Brand: Hacker


Hacker Para-RC glider RC-FREE V2 
- Wing Span : 285cm
- Projected wingspan : 228cm
- Area: 1.50m ²
- The size is designed for pilots/gondolas/trikes with ~ 1.1-2.3kg
The RC -FREE V2 is the logic extension of our success RC -FREE. The wingspan and area was enlarged, so the applibation is even wider. The RC_FREE V2 is constructed equally as its predecessor in the SingleSkin technology. 
The RC -FREE V2 is the perfect paraglider for beginners , intermediate and advanced . The paraglider can be started extremely light and has a very broad scope . It can be very easy and hard flown . Even in strong winds , the paraglider remains extremely stable.

The RC -FREE V2 is a ACRO specialist . All the aerobatics as full stall , helicopters , Wingover , SAT and a spiral dive can be done. The opening behavior after making aerobatics is sensational . The RC-FREE V2 opens super fast and independently.


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