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Para-RC Harness seat-bracket EVO

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Brand: Hacker


Para-RC Harness seat-bracket EVO
The new "metal seat Evo" inside the harness is designed to accommodate Propkäfig, motor bracket, etc.
and holds plenty of space available for extra weights and flight battery. "Harness Evo" and "metal seat Evo" can also flown without a pilot figure.
In this way, Pilots without functional arms can be used. Facilitates the side-mounted zipper
mounting bracket and Propcage easily accessible and allows quick change of the flight battery. The complete "Evo harness system"
(Harness and metal seat) fit to be on our trikes "Airbull" and "Airbull light". Our harness Evo can, of course,
be used as a pure-bred sailors, as well as a backpack motor.


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