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Para-RC Paraglider "RC-FLAIR 4.5" - Violet/White/Red

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Brand: Hacker


RC-Flair 4.5 paraglider Violet/White Red

·complete and mounted paraglider
·Single-Skin Technology
·Specially developed high performance profile

The RC-FLAIR 4.5 is the largest model in the paragliding Hacker Para-RC series.
Imposing 4.5m wingspan and a very large area of 4,5m² provide unprecedented opportunities with a paraglider model.
The cell number was kept as low as possible. As a result, the air resistance is reduced significantly, as could be dispensed with many lines.
RC-FLAIR 4.5 is basically designed for flying outdoors. The particular strengths of the RC FLAIR are in thermal flight and its maneuverability.
Ingenious sink rate and maximum stability characterize the RC-4.5 on FLAIR. The weight range is very large.
The weight range is from about 3.5 kg as absolutely no wind to 8kg.

Technical Data:
Wingspan: 445cm
Wingspan projected: 356cm
Wing area flat: 4,50m²
Aspect ratio: 5
Cell: 19
Galery lines: 0,3mm Aramid
Main lines: 0,4mm Aramid
Weight: 3,5kg to 8kg


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