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Para-RC Paraglider "RC-Nexus" Hybrid - Cosmic

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Brand: Hacker


With the RC-NEXUS HYBRID a new, innovative model Paraglider was developed nearly all the advantages
elegantly combines of high-performance and SingleSkin together. The goal was an extremely secure high performance
Develop paraglider with maximum performance in terms of performance, climb and glide performance in various conditions and in a variety of flying sites and of "non- professionals" with maximum safety is to handle. The RC-Nexus HYBRID is our yet most versatile high performance glider. The innovation of hacker hybrid technology is both the clever ratio of DoubleSkin to SingleSkin cells as well as on a new high performance wing profile.
Despite its huge wingspan of 4,33m and a designed area of ??3m² of RC NEXUS HYBRID is already
from 3kg weight of the backpack, or Trike Pilot fly . This simplifies handling immensely . 
Here therefore with the conventional Robin and harness be flown (with metal cage), as well as with the big harness XXL.
Technical Data:
Wingspan spread   : 4,33 m
Wingspan projected: 3,37 m
Material total    : 3 qm
Material projected: 2,51 qm
Aspect ratio      : 6,25
Cells Double Skin : 10
Cells Single SKin : 26
A great review of this wing.

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