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Para-RC Paraglider RC-Flair 2.4 - Yellow/Black/Red

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Brand: Hacker


Para-RC Paraglider RC-FLAIR 2.4 - Yellow/Black/Red

Product description and features

The FLAIR 2.4 is our good-natured all-rounder, because of its very easy take-off and flight characteristics, it is not only the ideal companion for beginners and advanced, but also fits perfectly for trikes up to 4.5 kilograms takeoff-weight. With a very good response to thermals and the new brake setup, it is a pleasure for both the thermal aviator and Arco beginner. The single-skin construction with moderate stretch and s profile make the glider agile and stable. Possible turbulences and cap interferences are compensated by the glider independently.


  • Beginners will love the ingenious take-off and slow-flying characteristics,
  • advance pilots will be thrilled by the all-round flight characteristics on slopes, in the thermal and with motor,
  • the professional and competitive pilot will love the precision and ingenious thermal flight characteristics with maximum safety even in the toughest thermal spots. He can take full risks and focus on flying.

The lesson is clear: The RC-FLAIR is an glider for all conditions on flat lands, hills or high alpine.

Delivery contents

Para-RC Paraglider RC-FLAIR 2.4, bag and manual.

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