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Para-RC Trike "Airbull"

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Brand: Hacker



Para-RC Trike "Airbull"

The Hacker Power Trike Airbull offers a variety of applications. It can be flown with the pilot Robin as well as directly fitted with Servos. Without the pilot Robin a variety of ways to transport payload (cameras. ..) is possible and with the pilot figure a very scale like flight. The trike itself is very sturdy and made of steel. The new Air-profiled cage from nearly indestructible plastic rounds Airbull trike. Even the toughest landings puts the Airbull away unimpressed. The seat has different holes for mounting the suspension, the CG can be adjusted in wide ranges.

Trike Airbull includes:
- Trike kit complete Airbull
technical data:
Length: 38cm
Width: 30cm
Height: 30cm
Scale: 1:5
Weight without motor: ~ 1620gr.
for rc-gliders to ~ 2m²

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