Riser Adjustment


Setting your Risers.

Trimmung Kopie 590x393 Trimmung des Schirms

The trim of the screen is carried out with an exception only by experienced pilots. The only change the trim angle of attack is to be recommended. For beginners we recommend a larger angle, thereby shielding the flies very stable and even slower. The angle of cut is changed by the different line levels. The Stunt3 .0 has 3 rows of lines. A, B, C plus brake lines. The A-line level includes all the lines, the (front edge of the screen) are mounted on the inlet edge, the B-lines are approximately in the middle and the C-more lines at the end. If you want to make the pitch higher, then the B-and C-lines are pulled down. The B-lines so you can make 1cm shorter and the C-2cm shorter lines. This is now the umbrella in the air at a steeper angle and flies much more stable and slower Allerding he loses momentum. This adjustment must be made especially for beginners and for flying in thermals and turbulence. It can be had very easily with a cable tie to make the risers, without shortening the lines that one. If you have then found after a few flights, the favorite setting, it can be permanently cut to the lines on the Wunschtrimmung.